Are you interested in Management Science and mathematical modelling? The programme Econometrics and Operations Research is about economic analysis for today, quantitative forecasting for tomorrow.
Econometrics and Operations Research is a fascinating scientific discipline which develops quantitative resources and applies them to the analysis of economic problems in their broadest sense. You are prepared for a professional career in which Mathematics, Statistics and ICT are applied for the quantitative analysis of many kinds of problems, either from the world of business, finance, economics or of a more general nature. The programme has two tracks: Econometrics and Operations Research.
Econometricians find employment in the national policy research departments at planning agencies and government ministries, at financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies and at business consultancy firms.
Operations Researchers can be found in a range of industries, such as logistics, innovative software development, transport and distribution, manufacturing, consultancy and the financial industry. You can also apply to study for a PhD in Econometrics, Operations Research, Quantitative Economics, Finance or Applied Mathematics.