How can we work towards a sustainable future? There's plenty of new sustainable technologies, governmental instruments and ideas on organising the market, but we do not always embrace them. And why?
This programme focuses on the way society deals with its physical environment. We'll look at experiences of countries all over the globe, at good and bad practises and at the role of markets and governments as well as society itself. You'll become part of the quest for sustainability such as greening our economies and changing daily behaviour. With the help from other disciplines like sociology, psychology, political science and administration, you'll gain the complete picture.
Our multidisciplinary programme allows you to look beyond country borders and you'll discover what is needed on different levels from the United Nations to Europe and to individual countries or even regions. What is the role of the EU in promoting the 20-20-20 Agenda? And what can be done with citizen initiatives? In short, you'll have the knowledge and skills to guide and influence societal transformations towards sustainability.