The two-year master's programme Mathematics has two main specalisations: Applied Mathematics with topics such as dynamical systems, differential equations, probability theory and stochastics, statistics, percolation, and mathematics in the life sciences, and Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory with topics such as algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology and cryptology. The goal of each programme is to train the student as an independent researcher, and to develop the necessary skills and proficiency to advance your career.
The staff participate in leading research projects and offer high-quality teaching.
The Leiden Mathematical Institute aims at excellence both in research and in education. Many well-known Dutch mathematicians are included in the staff and you will be studying in a leading research group.
The two-year programme is tailor-made, depending on your individual background and your personal ambitions.

The Institute is partner in the Lorentz Center, an international research center for Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Bio Sciences. In addition, the Institute has strong links with the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam and with EURANDOM in Eindhoven.