What is intelligent behaviour? How can computers recognize faces and objects? In this programme you will learn how to design and implement intelligent systems.
Please note that this Master's programme will become selective as of the academic year 2022-2023. More information will become available here soon.The core topics in the Master's programme Artificial Intelligence are: Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Multi-Agent Systems.
Computational IntelligenceAutomated translation between languages, face recognition, automated satellite image processing, or self-driving cars are all based on 'intelligent' computer algorithms. These algorithms are based on insights obtained in the cognitive and neurosciences on the one hand and are guided by fundamental principles of statistics, formal logic and dynamical systems theory on the other hand.The courses taught in this specialization cover cornerstone topics of this interdisciplinary field, including machine learning, artificial neural networks and pattern recognition.
Robotics A robot taking samples and collecting information on the moon is an example of an autonomous system. It operates and carries out missions independently. Regardless of its surroundings, it responds with a certain intelligence. While traditional AI focuses on cognition and reasoning as isolated abilities, we strongly believe in perception as an active behav