This programme will give you a thorough understanding of human health and disease. Through courses, electives and traineeships, you will develop a strong base for a career in biomedical research or a different field. In this 2-year programme you are trained in interdisciplinary approaches to address scientific and societal challenges in the field of (bio)medical sciences. The research in our master programme Biomedical Sciences is related to the maintenance of health and prevention of disease. You will acquire a skill set suitable for a wide range of career opportunities not only in (biomedical) research, but also in industry, policy making and communication/education*.

The programme is offered by the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), a modern institution which combines research, education and patient care with a strong scientific orientation. Research conducted at the LUMC is ranked among top European and international institutes. The adjacent Leiden BioScience Park offers ample opportunities for internships

Within the context of the programme, exchange with other European (Eurolife or LERU) or non-European (Ivy league) universities is encouraged. Internships can be performed all over the world at high quality research institutes and universities.

(*) The specialisation ' Education' is available for Dutch students only