At Utrecht University we offer the following unique Master's programmes in the field of BioSciences:

Bio Inspired Innovation: offers a unique blend of knowledge and skill training that will support the search for and development of circular business-models and bio-inspired research & innovations.
Bioinformatics & Biocomplexity: In this Master’s programme, you will master integrative and cutting edge computational approaches to crack the biological code. With these approaches you will be an expert scientist with plentiful research opportunities in academia and companies.
Drug Innovation: focuses on diagnostics and the improvement and management of small molecule and biomolecular drugs.
Environmental Biology: offers you the opportunity to explore different organisational levels of life – from genes, cells and organisms, to populations and entire ecosystems.
Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences: is research-oriented and takes a multidisciplinary approach to study related to health and disease in cells and organisms.
All of our programmes are two-year Master's programme and are offered in English. Are you curious to know more? Visit our website, where you can find more information on courses, study programmes, teaching staff, and chat with our students!