Academics who have completed the masters specialization International Public Health will have an innovative, practical and broad perspective.
This Master's specialization is offered as a separate 60-credit programme within the Master's in Health Sciences (60 credits) and the Master's in Biomedical Sciences (120 credits), or as a 51-credit programme within the Master's in Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Sciences (120 credits)
Given current trends in globalization, the health concerns of rich and poor countries are increasingly inter-related. This is illustrated by, for instance, the impact of immigration and tourism on the spread of diseases worldwide.

During the master you are trained to cooperate and communicate with professionals from various scientific and medical disciplines as well as representatives of public health and related organizations (such as patient organizations) focusing on health problems in a global context.

The Master's programme International Public Health is a specialization within the Master's programmes Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences.