This international Master's provides aspiring and practicing journalists with a critical understanding of their profession, to create more academically sound and globally minded media professionals.
The programme offers students a unique experience of studying in two European countries. Students are spending the first year in Aarhus, Denmark, and then transfer to another university to specialise in one of four distinct areas of journalism:

Media and Politics (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
War and Conflict (University of Swansea, UK)
Business and Finance (City University London, UK)
Journalism and Media across Cultures (University of Hamburg, Germany).

A select group of students also has the opportunity to spend time at one of our non-European partner institutions, the University of California, Berkeley (USA), the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), or La Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago (Chile).

This Master's programme is aimed at practicing journalists and media professionals who wish to further develop their analytical perspective and operate at the cutting edge of their profession. The programme is not intended to provide practical training for students to become journalists.