In 1.5 years you can earn the Master of Science (MSc) degree of the University of Amsterdam in the part-time Executive Programme in Management Studies at the Amsterdam Business School.
You can choose for Digital Business, Strategy or Leadership and Management as a track in the programme. This part-time programme is for students living and working in the Netherlands. Lectures are organised on Fridays during office hours.

After successfully completing the programme, Management Studies alumni are able to make a strategic and operational contribution based on their knowledge, business analyses and insights. Their contribution can improve and provide innovation for profit and non-profit organisations. A MSc degree is often an important condition for higher level management positions.

The Executive Programme in Management Studies is meant for ambitious professionals who want to advance their expertise in the field of management and business. Students in the programme have successfully completed a research university or university of applied sciences programme. Lectures are on Fridays, during office hours, this should be convenient for students combining work and study.