How and why are international financial markets regulated? What does it take to direct capital flows toward sustainable development goals? Should financial regulation be adapted to crypto currencies and increasing digitalization ? How do banks structure and document international financial transactions?
Think about how finance and investment opportunities must contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. You will then realise that trust in national and international financial markets is of paramount importance. That is why trading venues and financial institutions such as banks, asset managers and market intermediaries are extensively regulated. This leads to a growing need for: legal specialists with knowledge of the economic aspects that drive financial transactions; and financial experts who wish to increase their understanding of financial regulations. In the Law & Finance programme, you will be specially trained to work at the intersection of law and finance in this digitalized global world.
Are you fascinated by the complex, international and multidisciplinary questions facing the financial sector? Would you be interested in learning how to deal with these questions from a legal and economic perspective with special attention to sustainability and ethics? Then this could be the programme for you.