Become an architect of intelligent sensor systems!
Smart systems are increasingly becoming a reality of our everyday life. By 2030, about 500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet. Pinhead-sized sensors will be embedded into practically any product on the market. During this programme you will become an architect of intelligent sensor systems, being able to build and develop smart systems that are able to interact with their environment. By discovering new and exciting ways to apply intelligent sensor technology, you are able to help improve the world around us. Upon graduation, you can pursue a career in the fields of health, energy, high-tech systems and materials (HTSM) or become an academic researcher.

This master’s programme is for students who wish to become experts on the cutting edge of electronics and IT. You will be provided with the knowledge and tools required to model and design complex smart systems for big data applications and digital signal processing. A dedicated staff of experienced lecturers and professionals from the field will assist you, by teaching you new skills, challenging you to test the boundaries of what you thought could be possible and stimulating you to make the most of your time at our institute.