The Master of Animation programme is for emerging professionals committed to broadening their animation palette and responding to the opportunities of an expanding field.
How can we create a future that is something else, another kind of world, one that we would like to live in?
This question lies at the heart of our master programmes. Our highly ambitious and versatile institution is currently in a stage of development and growth. The expanded pedagogical scope of the MIVC programmes has created new opportunities for interdisciplinarity and co-research across our master pathways. Our motivated team, strengthened by the Professors of Expetise Center Caradt, is committed to supporting ambitious and diverse context specific creative research practices and approaches.
The MIVC achieves international standards of excellence in the master education of artists and designers and related practitioners. It achieves these through the quality of its teaching, research and practice and through its relationship with the institutions, industries and technologies associated with the disciplines of art and design. It is our ambition to contribute to the world we live in, working collaboratively and creatively with the cultural and creative sector, NGO's, business and government, to generate new knowledge and exchange of that knowledge, to imagine another future capable of transforming the worl