How can tourism and climate adaptation shape our natural surroundings into a flourishing countryside, thriving towns, and booming cities? And how do these landscapes sway our identity and society?
Cultural Geography at Campus Fryslân studies the mutual shaping of human societies and our natural surroundings into cultural landscapes. Within this programme, you can follow a track on sustainable tourism, or specialize in the governance of climate adaptation. Either way leads to a Master of Science degree.In the general programme, you study the interplay between place and wellbeing in regional development. You follow classes on natural and cultural heritage, culture and identity, and mobility and multiculturalism. After advanced training in data collection and analysis methods, you conduct field research on any one of these topics yourself, learn how to conduct intervention impact assessments, and write your master thesis.The year 2023 will see the first stocktake of worldwide adaptation efforts under the Paris Agreement. To advance the massive governance efforts required, the Global Commission and its Groningen-based Global Center on Adaptation promote eight action tracks. Through our specialization you develop the expertise to tackle these challenges.Sign up for our newsletter!