Do you know more languages than the one you are reading now? Chances are, you are bilingual or multilingual. We live in a world where multilingualism is the norm and monolingualism the exception.
This comes with challenges and possibilities, for individuals, societies, and organizations. Do you want to take the lead in dealing with these challenges and possibilities? Then this is the MA programme for you!
This Multilingualism Master’s track trains you to become a diversity manager specialized in linguistic and cultural diversity. You will develop expertise on bilingualism and multilingualism from a variety of angles: sociolinguistic, educational, cognitive, cultural, historical, management and policy. You will learn how to do your own linguistic research, but also how to manage linguistic diversity in various settings, such as the workplace, in education, and on regional, national and transnational levels. You will deal with day-to-day issues such as helping companies overcome (intercultural) communication problems, design effective language policies or give schools advice on how best to teach pupils with diverse language backgrounds.
Upon finishing the Multilingualism Master’s track, students will receive a MA degree in Linguistics.