How do we address the world's most pressing issues through governance? The Master Public Administration gives you a unique multi-level perspective on the management of global political, economic and social actors, with three specialisations to suit your specific interest. Across the globe our governments and societies are confronted with enourmous challenges that raise new organisational, policy, and ethical issues. The main focus of the Master in Public Administration is on the management, steering, and coordination of political, administrative, economic, and social actors and the contexts in which they act. It will equip you with the skills to address policy issues at local, regional and international levels.
Master in Public Administration: the right programme for you?

Are you fascinated in watching the whole context of dilemmas and challenges experienced by governments and societies worldwide?
Do you want to address these issues from the perspective of governance?
Do you have affinity with a specific area of governance, as addressed by the 3 specialisations in this programme – Economics and G overnance, International Governance, or Public Management and Leadership?
Then this is the Master's programme is for you!