This two-year Master's programme focuses on the phenomena related to the interaction and communication between living cells and their molecular constituents, drawing on research methods used within the fields of molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and physics.

The programme provides in-depth training in the multidisciplinary fields of biophysics and biochemistry, with particular emphasis on subfields in which KU Leuven's research expertise is internationally recognised: the determination of molecular structures, molecular and supramolecular modelling, the spectroscopy of biomolecules, the physical modelling of complex systems and the study of these models, the transport through ion channels in membranes, and the study of molecular interactions and physical principles in vitro, in complex biological machineries and in the living cell.

Students may select one of two tracks - Biophysics or Biochemistry and Biotechnology - and one of three orientations - Physiological, Molecular or Cellular. Alternatively, students who are not considering a research career can opt for Applied Biophysics.