The aim of this joint Erasmus Mundus master's programme is to foster and develop knowledge and awareness of scientific trends and health issues in food science, technology and nutrition in a global context. The programme provides you with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of global food issues, international trends and food problems, particularly in the context of the increasing globalisation of the food industry. It also highlights on-going problems and concerns with regard to food safety, nutrition and environmental issues. In addition, the programme enhances your professional competencies, taking cognisance of management and ethics.

The course is jointly organised by four European partner institutions:
- KU Leuven, Campus Ghent, Belgium (coordinator)
- Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
- Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
- Hochschule Anhalt, Germany

The programme is organised in a modular format. Candidates are required to undertake six compulsory core modules, three of which are offered at the Dublin Institute of Technology and three at KU Leuven Campus Ghent. Candidates also select four optional modules from the listing. The optional modules are offered by the partner institutes with the strongest research and expertise in the area addressed in that module.

The professional competence semester and the master's thesis can be completed at any of the four partner institutes, depending on the subject area, or at one of the associated partner institutes. This gives students the opportunity to travel to different European countries, expand their academic knowledge through exposure to different perspectives, gain intercultural communication skills, and encounter new cultures and people.