Are you interested in unravelling essential processes in living cells in order to understand 'life' at a molecular level? Would you like to excel in biomolecular sciences and use frontier know-how to solve fundamental questions or develop biobased industrial or medical applications?This Master's programme has a selection procedure. For more information about the selection procedure, please check here. Biomolecular sciences is a very internationally oriented research and development area that profits from a strong multidisciplinary expertise on genetics, microbiology, molecular (cell) biology, computational/structural biology, biochemistry, synthetic- and systems biology. During this Master’s programme, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and research skills via upper level theoretical and practical training. You will become highly competent in biomolecular sciences, as well as the more applied side, molecular biotechnology. Thus, you will acquire excellent perspectives for an independent career in an academic, medical or industrial research environment, or as a scientific consultant for the public or private sector.The programme content is organized by the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB) and obviously teaching is closely related to the research performed at this institute. Research at GBB is strongly fundamental and curiosity-driven and contain