Digital technology, Artificial Intelligence and data science are integral and essential parts of the 21st century mechanical engineering discipline. 21st century mechanical engineers must be versed in both the classical design and construction of complex mechanical systems, as well as the physical, mathematical and digital representation and analysis of these systems.At the Faculty of Science and Engineering, we offer students a Masters degree programme in Mechanical Engineering that fits the needs of digital technology and digital society. The university is a unique place where engineering, natural sciences and social sciences meet to tackle urgent societal challenges. It prepares students for an international digital and high-tech career in industry.The close collaboration with the Innovation Cluster Drachten, a cluster of hight-tech companies in the north Netherlands, offers students a unique opportunity to be part of research and development teams where innovative high-tech systems, products and solutions are developed using cutting edge technologies. Some exemplary Mechanical Engineering design projects are the development of hydrogen refueling tank systems at Resato B.V., of sensor systems for radio astronomical applications at ASTRON, of robotic and data analytic solutions for the production and quality monitoring of consumer products at Philips Drachten, of mechatronics