Our Research Master Philosophy offers you the opportunity to work with leading scholars in the history of philosophy, practical philosophy and theoretical philosophy.
The Faculty of Philosophy in Groningen is a vibrant, international community of excellent researchers and teachers. It consistently receives the highest evaluations both for research and for teaching among philosophy departments in the Netherlands from independent assessors.The Research Master allows you to specialize in one of three areas: History of Philosophy, Theoretical Philosophy, or Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy.You will receive instruction in core areas of philosophy and pick courses and tutorials aimed at your particular interests. We also offer training in writing and presenting as well as crafting a research proposal to apply for PhD positions. Every year, we reserve one fully funded PhD position for students in our own Research Master.Groningen's internationally renowned staff have expertise in most areas of philosophy, with particular strengths in early modern philosophy, ethics, metaethics, social and political philosophy, feminism, philosophy of mind, (formal) epistemology, logic, and the philosophy of science. Read about our research.