What causes disease? What is the (epi)genetic background of disorders? How do microorganisms in the intestine contribute to health and disease? What are the underlying mechanisms of diseases and what novel strategies can be designed to cure disease?During the selective Master's degree programme in Biomedical Sciences you will be trained to find answers to these questions. The programme is strongly oriented towards the scientific background of health, disease and preclinical research. You will encounter an interdisciplinary environment of basic scientific research at the faculty of science and engineering and a more medically oriented environment at the University Medical Center.We offer tracks related to biology of cancer and immune system, biology of food and nutrition, biology of healthy ageing and disease, and neuroscience. In addition, we offer the unique option to create a custom-made biomedical science programme that meets your ambitions. Examples are programmes dedicated to virology and microbiology, regenerative medicine, genetics and big data science as well as many other fields in which the University of Groningen has a world-wide leading position.For those who have the ambition to go into industry or policy making, to become a consultant or to pursue a biomedical career in any other field NOT related to research, we offer the Science, Business and Policy (SBP) track.